Green salad with grilled cheese and aceto balsamico

Green salad with grilled cheese and acceto balsamico This week at work I have made myself two different salads. I haven’t had greens in a while so they were quite a refreshment. I also felt very good afterwards. The salad I am presenting here was first tasted with my girlfriend. To make it top notch, you need to finish this salad with very good quality aceto balsamico (I personally used the one I have bought in Modena). Enough talk, here is the recipe.


For 1 person

2 pieces of bread
8 fists of spinach
2 slices of cheese for grilling
6 cherry tomatoes
4 spoons of brazil nuts
olive oil
aceto balsamico

Wash all the greens. Cut your tomatoes in half. Grill your cheese. In a separate pan grill the nuts in a drop of olive oil until little black spots appear in the middle. While grilling the nuts also add two fists of spinach until it dissolves a bit (add two pinches of salt while cooking). Combine everything, add grilled bread and drizzle with good quality aceto balsamico.

The Aussie Burger

Aussie (Australian) Burger I have (well we probably all have) had quite a few different types of burgers during my student days, but this one quite topped it. I saw a recipe for the so called “Aussie Burger” randomly while browsing through some recipe pages. When I made this one for the first time, I served it to four people. Later one, four became six, later on ten, and finally, during the last days of the previous year for a new years party I had in my apartment, fourteen (that is why the recipe is for fourteen people). Everyone quite liked it, and I might say that no one was hungry afterwards. No one CAN be. With a burger that contains a pattie, cheese, bacon, grilled pineapple and an egg, you can’t be. In my last attempt I also decided to make the buns myself and it was quite a success (mainly because of my girlfriend that decided to do them). I think I will keep this one for a long time, it is a breaker on parties.


For 14 persons

For the meat
2 kg of minced meat (beef neck)
3 eggs
1 packet of salted crackers (100g)
4 spoons of ketchup
1 onion
8 tbsp of salt
5 tbsp of black pepper
1 tbsp of oregano
4 tbsp of olive oil

For the bread
3kg of plain white flour
3 bags of powdered yeast
3 tbsp of sugar

14 slices of bacon with black pepper
14 slices of cheese
14 slices of pineapple (whole round slices)
14 fists of rocket
14 eggs
1 packet of baby tomatoes (250g)
3 white onions
4 tbsp of sugar
barbecue sauce

Lets start by preparing the meat. Add eggs, crushed crackers, ketchup, chopped onion, salt, black pepper, oregano and olive oil. Mix thoroughly and let it sit in the fridge for an hour. Later on shape the meat into fourteen equal “balls” and set aside. Now lets prepare the caramelized onions. Chop the onions and add them to a pan. Slowly start cooking them. When they start getting golden add sugar and mix thoroughly. Reduce the heat. When they start becoming brown, set them aside for later usage. For one batch of buns, put one kilogram of flour in a big plastic dish. Make a hole in the middle, add the dried yeast and a tablespoon of sugar. On the outer edges put salt all around and rosemary. Mix in some mildly warm water (in the hole), put flour on top and set aside. When you see the yeast rising add oil and mildly hot water and start mixing until you get a consistent dough. Do it by feeling, if to dry, add water, if it stays on your hands add oil. Cut into five equal sizes and shape into buns. Set aside for twenty minutes in a warm place. Make a cut on each of the buns and put them in the oven (first five minutes on 180 degrees, later on 200 for ten more; in the time between use a cooking brush to put some milk on the buns – it adds a golden crunch to them). Prepare the grill. For each burger cook the pattie (ten minutes), in the last minute add the cheese till it melts and the bacon till it crunchens. Add the pineapple to and grill it on both sides. Fry an egg in the last minute. Put rocket on the bottom of the bun, the tomatoes, the pattie, the caramelized onions, the bacon, the grilled pineapple and the egg. On the other side of the pattie add the barbecue sauce and close it up. Repeat until all your patties are gone.